[A December To Remember] Awake PART 2

1st kolab with LovA~~ (cont.)


Author: LovA & qL^^

Title: Awake

Prompt: But pain is beautiful, it’s same as you

Casts: Yook Sungjae, Lee Hye Soo (OC)

Special appearance: Park Hyeki (OC)

Genre: Angst, Romance, Supernatural

Length: Two shot

Rating: General (G)

Disclaimer: This is work of fan fiction. All mentioned artists belonged to themselves and agencies. No profit is intended. Please, do not copy paste!

Author’s note: Disarankan baca chapter ini sambil membuka chapter sebelumnya karena akhirnya pertanyaan-pertanyaan chapter sebelumnya akan terjawab.



Chapter 2

But pain is beautiful,

It’s same as you ….

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