Up and Down Fan Girl

Ah, how long it has been since the last time I wrote based on daily prompts? Today, I’m back! Because hey, it was a very touchy subject for me : Fandom ! I can’t hold back my self to tell you guys about my thought of being a fan girl. Yes, I know, this prompt is supposed to tell about sports fan, but just excuse this girl who want to write about music, especially K-POP fan.

We, fan boys of girls, called them as Idol. Look up at your English-Bahasa dictionary, you’ll know it means someone or something to worship. I know I mean it in non-religious way, but still the Idol is someone who you’ll gaga about. That’s why the agencies paint them as someone who not only good-looking, but also smart, talented, humorous; basically everyone dream comes true. We unconsciously grow up to love them and cherish them.

I have been a K-POP fans since 2011 or maybe way back before that. It was time when Changmin’s acting made you cringe, Super Junior’s members basically had same hair cut in You, Mirotic was best song ever, SHINee’s Taemin (who is same age as me, we both still) looked like a baby and Chanyeol still cameo-danced with DBSK in Hahaha CF.

It was my up time, to know that such a handsome and talented group was present. It was my up time when I believe oppa will always belonged to fans. It was my up time when I thought they will forever stay together.

Then, one by one reality hit. The flood of down was coming.

DBSK disbanded, then JYJ trio and TVXQ duo formed separately instead. Super Junior’s Kibum went MIA. SHINee’s Jonghyun’s dating scandal was a breaking news. Super Junior’s Kyuhyun got into accident that nearly cost his life and his vocal chord. SHINee’s Onew’s health scared me to death.

But  I rose into up time once again.

I get to know EXO, Infinite, BS2T, 2PM, 2AM, CNBlue, Girls Day, K-Will, Huh Gak, A Pink, Juniel, Lee Hi, IU, Shinhwa, Big Bang, Epik High, MBLAQ, F(X), 2NE1 and many more. They are as talented as their peers or predecessors. I learn to like, not only them as personal, but also their genre in music, their creative music video and their flaws as normal human being.

Yeah, I still got my down time too and it affected my writings. EXO’s Luhan, Tao and Kris which left the group made me write mellow fan fiction. Super Junior’s Leeteuk went to army also made me miss him and write again. SHINee’s Onew surgery made me worried like hell.

I think by now, I’ve become the more mature and wiser fan. I see them as talented person, but it’s okay now if oppa want to date or leave the group for their sake (I just pour all my imagination about them on fictions hahaha). I’ll support them and try hard not to judge, speculate or throw them insult. I’ll also try to get along with other fandom since I become multi-fandom myself.

The up and down time I had as fan girl will always happen as long as I am still a fan girl. It is precious memory. To be happier only by watching their variety show. To feel closer only by hearing their song. To gaga and get jealous only by streaming their drama. Yes, it is happy and sometimes sad, but it is interesting experience. And being a fan girl helps you know people from other or same fandom.

Basically I am also a fan of books. They like to refer me as no identity reader, because I am Potterhead, Shadowhunter, Glader, and many more. But fan of books is different from fan of boy or girl groups. I believe it is another story to tell :p

So, being a fan girl is tough, but it worth.

Just bunch of randomness,





Picture taken from here and here.


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