[Special] EXO Next Door Half-Series Review


I longed for a short romantic comedy drama because of I was busy and short-patient for enjoying 16-20s episode of drama lately. After finished Love Cells, now LINE has brought cool wind by producing EXO Next Door. The chance to see them acting and weight of their romance intrigue me to finally watch it.

Series Review

The 1st episode of series shows us our red-face heroine in the middle of shopping in neighborhood supermarket at late night. We later know her name as Ji Yeon-hee (Moon Ga-young). She seems so embarrassed of herself because she needs to buy sanitary pad. She runs off the store and takes a walk home.

As she walks, a group of men also walk behind her. They all wear black clothes, talk weirdly about Mathilda and she draws a very wrong conclusion : They are serial murder killer!

She tries to run, only to fall flat on her back because of banana skin lies on the road and her sanitary pad flies into one of the men. Hahaha, I feel sorry for her but can’t stop laughing :p

That was their first informal meeting.

Then we introduced to our heroes (not the -es please), VOILA! The group of black men are EXO’s Chanyeol, D.O, Sehun and Baekhyun. They recently move to Chanyeol’s grandfather house in the neighborhood. I really love how Chanyeol bossily decides which one is whose room, because at the end Baekhyun barely gets a room, kekeke~~

Yeon-hee mistakenly thought them as ugly neighbor, confusing his younger brother Ji Gwang-soo (Jung Yoo-sung) why such handsome boys was called ugly by his noona. He has no idea who they are. His personality is kind of 4D and he attracts Sehun’s attention. By the end of 2nd episode, these two is already formed a friendship by a drip of coffee.

Series of misunderstanding happen while Yeon-hee learns that his most favorite oppas in the world is sleeping next door. By using binocular to peek at their house (and witness the prank Sehun and Baekhyun pull at), spits at Chanyeol because of shock seeing EXO member and made Chanyeol’s room in a mess as effort to catch bugs. Made Chanyeol yells at her and D.O comes to comfort her outside the house.

At last, EXO accept her as their housekeeper and call her ‘Incheon Gal’, give her some serious yet ridiculous requests and commands, like : my clothes is precious like baby to me, I hate bugs or you come when we want you to come and go when we want you to go. D.O is the most normal guy among them as his request for her not to take photos or videos of them in the house.

Later, we know the reason of her red-face and nickname ‘red stone’. Her one-sided crushes comeback, but fortunately now EXO is there to protect their Incheon Gal. That’s the end of 7th episode and I look forward to 8th episode.



Phew, as an EXO-L, I was nervous when waiting this drama since it first promoted through LINE. Today the 8th episode will air and I am glad for the fact that I am still excited. I don’t expect much about this drama, but light mood, comedy, cuteness and romance are mixed good enough.


I never see any of Moon Ga-young drama but I think she did well portraying Ji Yeon-hee. As Yeon-hee, I like her as 23 y.o girls who still single and a die hard fan girl. She is us! She wants to know her oppas well and never mind being their slave kekeke~~

Drama Chanyeol is very different person from Real Life of Variety Chanyeol. Drama Chanyeol is main lead who cool, hot temper, petty and usually wear a scowl in his handsome face. I believe he has more secret about his grandfather’s liontin and reason behind his not-nice behavior, not just about the misfortune after the liontin was broken. In other hand, Drama D.O is second lead who warm-hearted, kind, care and usually has smile on face, a very typical second lead with full of charm. He is quite about his feeling. I think he’s afraid to make Yeon-hee uncomfortable.

Chanyeol, Yeon-hee, and D.O are interesting. I clearly can see both men interest in her, but she is blind because they are her idol oppas. Chanyeol and Yeon-hee have strain relationship because the misunderstanding but D.O and Yeon-hee have sweet relationship.

The way Chanyeol shows his jealousy is cute, but I also dislike his possessiveness. He yells at her but later concerns, like having some serious mood swing. It is good to see Yeon-hee has some backbone to stand up Chanyeol, loving him as idol don’t make her easy with him when he is cranky for no reason.


As for D.O, I think I’ll melt by every attempt he did to comfort Yeon-hee. From the jacket, touch on her face, a paper glass of hot drink and a drama line script that awfully sound like confession. For now, I think he deserves the girl more than Chanyeol, but I hope we’ll see some character development in the future.

Baekhyun and Sehun as supporting casts are interesting as well. Baekhyun is witty, funny and mischievous. I can imagine him and Chanyeol in real life are close like in drama. He is quick at analyzing the situation. I think he is the first one who realize about the love triangle.


Sehun is literally a spoiled maknae, but it’s okay cause he is funny. The prank he pull with Baekhyun makes me screaming and laughing at the same time.

Sehun and Gwang-soo antics are the one that made me laugh every time I watch this drama. The chic maknae is very compatible with the old-fashioned dongsaeng. They are rare type of people in this world kekeke~ I always look forward to their weird yet funny interaction 😀

Family relationship in drama is also beautiful. I love how Gwang-soo finally figure it out who EXO are, only to misunderstood that they are aliens who have superpowers. It was cute and funny seeing him tries to protect his noona with helmet from EXO’s superpower hahaha :p As for Mom, I wonder why she insists to make Yeon-hee as EXO housekeeper. Does she know who they are? Does she has hidden agenda such as playing cupid for them? Does she know Chanyeol’s grandfather?

Finally, Min-hwan as old crush is a nice catalyst for the plot. I just realize that until now, we never have a clue to which EXO member is Yeon-hee first bias. We left with cliffhanger from 8th episode review and I expect a plot twist.

EXO Next Door has manhwa kind of cinematography, as expected from LINE. I love the vibe, the character and the simple plot, but I would like to see more character development, more EXO members and solution for Yeon-hee ‘red-face syndrome’. See, still, I have high expectation now.

So drama, don’t fail me please!

(send D.O and Chanyeol ‘s stare)


Special report,


photos courtesy to LINE corp


4 thoughts on “[Special] EXO Next Door Half-Series Review

  1. haduh kak, kirain cuma di awal pake bahasa inggrisnya, ternyata full english, jadi kepikiran komentar pake bahasa inggris, tapi ternyata saya menyerah…haha xD
    aigooo~ aku ketawa ketiwi geregetan sendiri pas baca review bagiannya D.O. karena mungkin aku masi agak ngga terima dia pegang-pegang cewe lain/? meskipun di satu sisi aku seneng soalnya aktingnya D.O. harus ada kemajuan. ya inilah, akting sama cewe. Apalagi pas adegan baca dialog itu, puas banget keknya liatin yeonhee *andwaeee
    duh kak qiqi aku ngga bisa bahas yang lain, cuma bisa bahas D.O. hehehe

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Iya kan iya kaan. Dibandingkan It’s Okay It’s Love emang karakter D.O di END tuh playful dan full of charms. Ngeliat dia akting sama cewek, berusaha becanda gtu, bikin kita sadar kalau dia bisa mainin peran macam macam. Aku blm nonton Cart sih jd ga tau kalau karakternya di film itu. Ya emang menurutku D.O emg cocok jadi aktor.

      Soal review selanjutnya, mgkn aku akan bikin lagi kalau END udah tamat yaa. Nnti kita bahas dr berbagai sisi hohoho.

      Makasiih anin udah baca


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