The Healer Tale

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Once Upon a Time.”

There was usual day at hospital where the healers visited sick people on in this case in Narnia, sick creatures. It was also an usual day for Healer Elia who personally visited Mrs. Beaver and her children.

“Look, who are so noisy in the morning,” said Healer Elia smiling while patting the children who couldn’t stop chattering no meaning words.

“Good morning, Healer Elia,” Mrs. Beaver greeted her happily.

Elia smiled. “Good morning to you too, young Mom,” she replied. “Your babies seem in good condition and I think you can go back home to the dam this afternoon,” she told the mother.

“Oh, that’s great!” Mr. Beaver exclaimed. He suddenly appeared out of nowhere. He gave Elia a bow to show his gratitude then turned toward his wife. “We have a special visitor here, my love.”

Mr. Beaver stepped aside to reveal King Edmund The Just standing there all this time.

Elia was in shock, hadn’t realize that The King was there. She bowed to him in hurry. “Your Masjesty, I’m sorry I don’t know,” said Elia felt shame.

King Edmund gave her his famous dazzling smile. “It’s okay, I know you are pretty occupied,” said King Edmund. He looked at her, worried. “Why did you look so pale?” asked him.

Elia blinked. She was feeling okay but yes, now she felt rather stuffy and ill, like she suddenly got headache.

“Healer Elia?” Edmund called her.

“I’m sorry, Your Majesty. I think I don’t feel well,” Elia bade Edmund farewell and rushed to the healer room. Leaving The King confused.

She sat at her chair and suddenly, everything went black.

And when she woke up later, on one of Healer’s bed (the one that usually used for the healers who stayed for night visit), she found a brownies and a cup of tea. Magically kept to warm. With a note.

“Don’t be sick anymore – King Edmund. The Just

Elia buried her face on her hand.

That was definitely embarrassing


disclaimer : this is work of fiction. Chronicle of Narnia is not my intellectual property.

an : true story based on my pass out experience while visiting patient T.T



7 thoughts on “The Healer Tale

  1. ADUUUH AKU NOSTALGIA DUA AHRU BERTURUT-TURUT ((sorry for the caps)) aduuuh aku juga kangen nonton Narnia (kalo Narnia aku belom baca novelnya malah huhu. kamu baca kah? filmnya tapi bagus banget, despite filmnya yg ketiga gak se-wah dua film sebelumnya hehe). aduh aduh aduh mana King Edmund pula yg dibahas di sini aku bisa apa dong :(( menurutku karakterisasinya Edmund kerasa bangeeeet di sini. dia kan awkward gitu orangnya, apalagi sm cewek. tapi kamu ngejelasinnya di sini tetep manis omayaaaaa. and his dazzling smile surely made my day. omg aku dukung kamu deh bikin cerita Narnia sama Harry Potter lagi x))
    keep writing! x)


    1. Dududuh, aku belum pernah baca novelnya juga tapi aku suka baca fanfictnya Narnia dan Edmund itu karakter favoritku.
      i’ll try to write those again.
      thanks fika 🙂


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