The Smear of Ink

This is special post in response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Pens and Pencils.”

I am an internship who like to write scientific paper. I also a fan-girl who like to write fan fiction in my spare time. And as individual, I like to keep my private life journal. From all of them, the only one which I still write using pen is only my private life journal. 

Scientific paper always has deadline, so it’s simpler if I type it on laptop directly. Moreover it has so many citations which Thanks God, software help me a lot. In other hand, writing fan fiction is my hobby that I only do if I am online or spend time with my laptop. My private life journal has different privilege. I write it a special book with blue pen, always blue-inked-pen.

Why it has to be different?

Why not make it simpler by using application program and locked it?

The smear of Ink.

I never afraid type on laptop because it has no trace of any mistake I’ve made. Just simply delete, undo and redo. But while writing, you see how you smear the ink on paper. How much pressure you put when you write a word. How you misspell words. How you cross the typos. How sometimes you forget to put an important sentence.

The traces of your mind clearly picture on the smear of ink. That’s why police use handwriting in criminal investigation. It has special meaning between your hand, your emotional condition, paper and the smear of ink.



6 thoughts on “The Smear of Ink

  1. I absolutely loved this! I feel exactly as you do about writing, that you can almost SEE what’s going on inside you when you write instead of type. But the word you used for writing in your private journal — privilege — clicked with me right away. There’s something so special and intimate about WRITING our thoughts down on paper. I know for me they have to mean something more from my heart than anything else I write. This was a beautiful post.


    1. yeah, people in my age tend to love digital, as for me I still prefer books, papers and postcards
      it was nice of you, Calen, to appreciate my thought.
      Thanks for reading ❤


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