[PC- A26/EngFict] Blurry Glass

qL^^ presents

the very first English fiction of Harry Potter Series

set in Alternate Universe of Second Generation

Casts :

Albus Severus Potter | Sapphira Autumn Carter

Blurry Glass

Blurry Glass

Great Hall was still full of students even if it was already late when Albus Severus Potter sat for dinner with his cousin and best friend, Rose Weasley and Lucas Scamander. Both of them already finished their dinner while Albus filled his plate. His emerald green eyes scanned the crowd of Gryffindor students, tried to find his other best friend. Lucas and Rose looked at Albus knowingly without he realized. .

“Who is it?” Rose finally asked.

“Who is what?” Albus asked back, clueless to what Rose possibly mean.

Rose frown, then fold her arm. “Who is it you looking for, of course,” she said impatiently.

Albus just shrugged, determined not to provoke and get into argument with Rose. He didn’t want to deal with the after effect. Rose resembled his aunt, she knew almost everything and mostly she was right. But Albus had too much pride to admit. Beside he often looked his father acted like this too toward his aunt. Albus sure learn from the best.

Lucas who has been silent all this time just watched both of them amused. But he knew his girlfriend didn’t think this was funny. To his hope, there would be no fight between these cousins. He loved peace.

“Are you looking for Sapphira?” finally Lucas asked, couldn’t let his best friend be a clueless person any longer.

Albus’ head turn toward Lucas suddenly, made Lucas wanted to laugh out loud because of his friend’s reaction.

” You know where she is?” asked Albus. “Tell me.”

Lucas looked at Rose who shot him warning glance. Albus couldn’t understand why they must look so secret about Sapphira whereabouts. Like he did something wrong and deserved to treat like this.

“Just tell me,” Albus can’t wait anymore, pleaded to his cousins and best friend. “Please….”

Rose’s feature was softened when she heard Albus’ plead. She knew her cousin must be so care about Sapphira even if that bastard was unsentimental and clueless.

She took deep breath before said, “You know what date is today, Al. We’ve been friends since first year……”,

Rose’s voice catched Albus off guard. He was shocked to hear the sad tone from her speaking. Even Lucas’ expression said the same sad tone. This got Albus thinking.


What possibly be important date today….

And suddenly he saw snow falling magically from the ceiling and triggered some memories.

“Damn Merlin….” Albus cursed under his breath before went off running, leaving his unfinished dinner, his cousin and best friend and also catching some confused look from other students.

Rose juat sighed loudly made Lucas chuckled. “Remind me to get Albus Remembrall for his Christmas. He surely need it,” said Rose shook her head and Lucas finally had a good laugh.

 –Blurry Glass-

Albus had looked into the west corridor in the fifth floor but Sapphira was nowhere to be found. Albus tried to think and guess where she was. She is his best friend so Albus should know whay kind of place Sapphira safe haven. So, Albus took another stroll at the fifth floor. He never been to this corridor before, but it was kind of familiar. Albus vaguely remembered that when Dad visited him and his brother and sister last winter, he had showed him this corridor. It led to Room of Requirements but the room itself was destroyed by fire ages ago.

The corridor was very quiet and Albus was about to turn his back when he saw someone was standing in front of the giant mirror. The sapphire eyes brimming with tears reflected on the blurry glass of mirror.

“Sapphira?” Albus called her hesitantly.

The Fifth year Gryffindor girl looked toward Albus, giving the boy small sad smile. “Hi Al.”

Her voice barely a whisper.

“You skipped your dinner,” said Albus walked toward her. It was a statement not a question.

Sapphira just nodded.

“What are you doing here?” Albus asked. ” I thought you were somewhere doing Prefect patrol,” he said, tried to add a tone of humor in his saying.

Sapphira laughed at that even if it was small laugh. “And here it is The Gryffindor Quidditch Captain, not practicing but interrogating a Perfect about her duties,” said Sapphira, nudge him in the rib.

“Ouch,” Albus just exaggeratedly pretend to be hurt.

The two of them now looking at the giant mirror. Albus saw his reflection with Sapphira in the mirror but he just didn’t stand beside her. He did something that even shocked him.

“Do you see something?” Sapphira asked, sensing how startle Albus be.

“Yes…..” Albus answered, couldn’t take his eyes from the mirror reflection. “What kind of mirror it is?”

Sapphira sighed deeply. “The Mirror of Erised,” her answered came at same time Albus read the word on top of the mirror.

His Dad has told him a secret of The Mirror of Erised. The first year Harry found the mirror and he told his son what he was seeing in that mirror. Albus always think it was just a bedtime story, a legend which can’t be proven. But now, he was standing in front of it, together with his best friend.


The dark brown haired girl still stare at the mirror with small happy smile in her face, made her look beautiful while the moonlight and torch shone her face. Albus couldn’t help but thinking, was Sapphira seeing something like his Dad was seeing?

“What do you see in the reflection?” Albus asked carefully.

Long silent.

Albus waited patiently.

“Al, have you ever ask your Dad how he survive the world without family?”

It was said like a whisper and a tear trickled down her cheeck. At that instan, Albus knew his guess was right. Sapphira saw her family in the reflection. Albus saw the happy Sapphira in mirror reflection contrasted to the real Sapphira beside him now.

Today was Sapphira’s parents death anniversary, exactly one week before Christmas and before Sapphira was home for her winter holiday. She was just eleven years old back then. Albus and his Dad also came to the funeral and it broke his heart to see Sapphira tried to look strong. Not crying, not wailing. Just stood stiffly beside her parent tombstone.

His poor best friend.

Albus liked Sapphira since their first time meeting in Sorting Ceremony. She is muggleborn like his aunt, but she already knew him and his Dad. Look like she came prepare into magic world. Even though she knew, she treated him same, not like any people who only wanted his Dad’s fame. They were soon be a best friends.

Years gone by and Albus never realized that he started to see her different. He started to get jealous when she patrol with boy Prefect especially the Flamboyant Zabini.  He wanted to see her in Quidditch Pitch every tournament he had. He wanted her to be more than just a friend. Like what mirror reflection has been showing to him now.

Albus took one step closer. Hesitantly.

“He had love and friendship,” finally Albus answered, taken one of his Dad saying when he fight The Dark Lord in his mind. It was also fifth year of school, the same year as Albus now.

Sapphira was crying without any sound now. The only thing that indicated she was crying was her wet face while the blurry glass of mirror reflected Albus own desire again.

Out of nowhere, Albus gathered his courage. He turned Sapphira toward him, used his thumb to tilt her head to face him. Albus’ thumb wiped the tears from her cheeck. Sapphira stared at his emerald green eyes, mixed of confusion and sadness in her sapphire eyes.

She was true to her name. Sapphira Autumn Carter. Eyes like sapphire and dark brown haired like leaves in Autumn.

“I like you…..” Albus blurted it out.

Shocked, Sapphira looked at him with disbelief.

Before the smart girl could say anything to contrary him, Albus kissed Sapphira.

It was kind of sweet kiss that made Sapphira’s eyes closed, her heart beat faster and her stomach fluttered. It was her first kiss. Albus was gentle and tender, hold her closed while she hold him back. She was crying again, comfort from Albus made her moved.

The kiss ended but Albus still hold her, pulled Sapphira into his hug and let his girl cried.

“I miss them,” she said quietly.

“I know,” Albus tightened his hug. “But I’m here with you.”

Albus felt Sapphira’s smile as she also tightened her hug.

Once again, Albus looked at the blurry glass and couldn’t help but also smile since he realized how was their position. It was exactly same as the mirror showed him.

In fifth year, Albus had experienced what his Dad did in his school days. Being a Quidditch Captain. Found Mirror of Erised. And…. kissed a girl. His mother would had a fit. He tried to suppress a chuckle when he realized how identical his first kiss with his father story of first kiss. The girl was crying and it was wet.

But one thing Albus was sure different, he will cherish Sapphira forever like the new reflection showed on the blurry glass.

Beautiful bride Sapphira  in his arm.

Blurry Glass


A.N1 : Halo! My first FF of Harry Potter and my very first full English fiction. I hope it didn’t disappoint you. I know this was very typical story but I love Albus, he is the closest to Harry and I like writing about him like this. It felt like he has deep connection to Harry by experience same thing.

A.N2: This also to complete Prompts Challenge by Shirae Mizuka as PC-26 : Mirror

Please review and correct any mistake.




6 thoughts on “[PC- A26/EngFict] Blurry Glass

  1. Wktu aq baca di categorymu. . . What? Harry Potter? Fanfic harpot mksud’a?? Akhir’a aq klik, dan ouch! Si Albus trnyata. Hahay, baca ini aq jd keinget jaman Smp, aq harpot freak wktu itu. Beneran, smpe aq bikin sndri tongkat sihir’a nyari2 kayu yg bntuk’a mirip tongkat sihir si harry,trus aq solasi pake solasi item. Trus hapal bgt mantra2 yg ada di harpot.

    Eoh Qi, btw shappira tu Oc apa beneran ada di harpot ya, aq lupa. And yeah, its very typical story, but its nice. I like you, ups, i mean i like it ^^
    si Al emg kyk bpk’a ya, hahay, itu si harry yg first kiss’a di thn ke5 yg sama Cho Chang itu kan,,
    hoho,. Al moga langgeng ya sama Shappira


    1. someone said that my blog is too full of Kpop, akhirnya aku tertantang buat nulis FF versi lain dan taraaa jadilah FF inii. Ini FF HarPot pertamaku dan full English. I know there are too many typos over there, but yasudah laaah
      aku Potterhead dan masih main Pottermore sampai sekarang. Aku dapat Gryffindor dan tongkatku isinya holy phoenix looh :p

      Sapphira itu OC, karanganku ##lol
      thank you kak for your review 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  2. woah… future!AU Harry Potter dlm bahasa Inggris ya… Jalan ceritanya dan jalan ceritanya lumayan smooth… ya walaupun gak ada plot twist yg bisa bikin kejutan di sepanjang ceritanya, tp aku cukup puas dgn penceritaannya yg ngalir.

    tbh… aku kagum sama kamu yg jago dan bisa bikin dlm bahasa inggris… aku gak jago sih inggris, sekadar bisa gitu aja jd aku mungkin gak bisa koreksi banyak. Cuma emg aku rasa ada beberapa grammatical error yg cukup noticeable sih… ganbatte ya! ^^


    1. yeay, akhirnya kak diyan dataaang 🙂
      iya ceritanya emang tipikal banget kak, jadi syukur deh kalau kesannya ngalir dan emang aku ga jago nulis engfict haha. coba-coba ajaa. teruus iya setelah aku baca ulang emang iya sih grammatical error bertebaran dimana-mana. nanti akan aku edit lagi.

      thank you kak diyan buat reviewnya ❤


  3. btw aku malah nyangkut ke sini dulu xD haha aku liat categories terus ada Harry Potter yasuda ngibrit ke sini dulu dah. here we are.
    OMG FUTURE HARRY POTTER!! aduh aku sebenernya baru sekarang baca ff future-nya mereka, dan ternyata di sini Albus Severus udah kelas lima aja yha. time flies hehe. terus aku juga bingung awal awal. Sapphira ini siapa? ternyata dia OC buatanmu hihi. aduh suka pas mereka makan di Great Hall. secara nostalgia lagi baca novelnya huhu. pokoknyaaaa aku suka ceritanyaaaa.
    tadi masih ada beberapa salah grammar sama typo but thats not a big deal kok hihi. aku sukaaaaa. buat yg banyak yah ff Harry Potter-nya x))
    keep writing!


    1. Kangen yaa sama Harry Potter? Mana sekarang udah ga bisa nostalgia via pottermore lagi hiiks.

      Time flies, they should be graduated by now haha. Iyaa banyak typo dan grammatical error, nanti akan aku edit lagi.

      Thanks udah baca fik!


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