The Jersey

Publish lagi di tempat lain! hehe


Title                 : The Jersey

Author            : qL^^ (wp : mystorymyfictionworld)

Lenght            : Ficlet

Genre              : Friendship, Semi-Romance, Fluff

Rating                         : General

Main Casts      : D.O EXO, Yoo Lilith (OC covered by Lee Hi)

Disclaimer       : This plot is under copyright of qL^^, has been published in Jan, 12th 2014 Publish again here with some adjusment! Don’t copy,paste or edit it!

A.N                 : Presented for D.O birthday and this is my first EXO Fanfict! I called this fict D.O-Lils Series (look at the cover). So, Enjoy reading!


Untuk seseorang yang berulang tahun

The Jersey

His name. His number. His scent.

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